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Deep Dive At Diverse: Vendors You’ll Love

Hello Diverse Marketing Nation!

Today, we are taking a deep dive into a new vendor, Candylab Toys! We have fallen in love with this line from the packaging, story, and product, and we are excited to share it with our customers.

If they had to describe Candylab in three words, they would use Awesome Wooden Toys.

At Candylab, their mission is “to make the absolute best wood toy vehicles on the market.”

Their commitment to creating a quality product lead them to the innovation Candylab offers today. They believe in using high-quality materials and unique craftsmanship combined with modern design to create a luxury product accessible for all.

Their deep love for vintage automotive design, filled with boxy shapes yet simplistic designs, is carried through in all of their products.

Candylab Toys will stand the test of time and will be loved by multiple generations.

Discover this unique product line by contacting your local Diverse Marketing sales representative or shopping 24/7 on our B2B Portal.


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