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Diverse Marketing Employee Spotlight: Lisa Wiggins, Senior Key Account Manager

We are thrilled to highlight one of our employees this week who has been with Diverse Marketing for over 20 years!

Meet Lisa Wiggins, Senior Key Account Manager! Lisa joined Diverse Marketing in 2000 after she spent twelve years with JCPenny. Lisa had many mentors during her time at the company, but her most influential mentor was Bob Schuellein, Sr. Toy Buyer. Through his mentorship, he bestowed on Lisa a passion and enthusiasm for the toy industry.

Bob was the reason that Lisa was introduced to Diverse Marketing.

“When I met Rett and Greg, they were so incredibly engaging and true toy veterans of the industry; Wes was still in college getting more knowledge, and well, that worked out quite well for all of us!” Lisa shared.

With Wes Hardin as the current CEO of Diverse Marketing, Lisa has witnessed the Hardin family legacy that lives on within Diverse Marketing.

“The entire Hardin Family has been incredible to work with for these past 22 years. There have been incredible highs along the way, and when things weren’t as rosy, they still were champions of their people and found creative and unique ways to keep the business thriving and moving forward.

I can’t say enough about the Hardin Family and how they have made me feel welcome from day one, and I look forward to continuing to support Diverse for many more years to come.”

Lisa is an integral part of our Key Accounts team. She is diligent with her work, goes above and beyond for her customers, and is a team player. Lisa always has a smile on her face in the office and is a mentor to all.

We are thankful to have you on our team, Lisa!


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