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Diverse Marketing Team Returns After A Successful Trip to Nuremberg, Germany

Our Diverse Marketing team has been busy over the last few weeks, with 2023 winter markets taking place back to back to kick off the year.

On top of this travel, we had a group of team members venture across the pond to Nuremberg, Germany, for the 2023 Spielwarenmesse Toy Fair. This is the world's largest toy fair, with over 2,843 exhibitors from over 70 countries and 1 million products at the show!

"The show had 12 halls packed full of over 2000 exhibitors. We were able to connect with some of our existing lines and vendor partners and visit with some potential new lines," shared Robin Murphy, SVP of Specialty Toy and Marketing.

Attending international shows is an excellent chance for our specialty and key account team members to meet with current vendors and discover potential new ones. We pride ourselves at Diverse Marketing for representing companies with innovative and fun products, and we continually look for new vendors that we think our customers will love!

Tamre Sutphen, VP of Sales- Target, shared, "We saw some great sustainable product at the show that is aligned with Target's goals."

Outside of exploring hundreds of new toy vendors, attending the show allowed for new cultural experiences for our team members!

"This was not only my first trip to Nuremberg but also my first trip to Europe," said Robin Murphy.

"The team and I had quite the adventure of planes, trains, and automobiles while first flying into Munich for two days before heading to Nuremberg and then leaving for home from Frankfurt."

Mason Lee, Director of Key Account Sales, added, "The trip was an absolute blast. We spent two and a half days walking the show and were able to meet and review products from hundreds of new potential vendors.

We were able to sightsee, travel, and have an opportunity to experience a new culture."

We are excited to follow up with the new vendors now that our team is back in the United States.

The start of show season for 2023 has been phenomenal for Diverse Marketing, and we look forward to upcoming national and international markets and shows!


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