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The Diverse Difference: Meet Christina Posso

Diverse Marketing is proud of our team members and strives to evolve to serve our customers and vendors best.

Meet Christiana Posso, our new Training and Development Specialist. Christina's role is unlike any other!

She is spending a large chunk of her time on the road with our sales representatives. We believe the traditional sales representative model fosters trusting relationships between our reps and their customers. Christina is gathering information on these ride-alongs from our reps and the customers on how Diverse Marketing can better meet their needs.

Christina visiting with our South Florida sales rep, Kathy Shook!

At the same time, she is providing additional training and guidance to our sales representatives, so we are meeting our customers' needs and ensuring that we go above and beyond to please them.

Diverse Marketing is not only a premier wholesale representative, but we also strive to provide the most enjoyable customer experience. Whether you are shopping with a sales representative, attending markets, or shopping on our B2B Portal website, you can see the Diverse difference.

On her South Florida visit, Christina had the honor to chat with the owner of Sloan’s Ice Cream Florida. This store serves delicious treats while you are shopping for your next toy!


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